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We need organizations like yours to ensure Arab Americans are fairly and accurately counted in the Census. We are continuing to develop toolkits, resources, and media to support a national, collective effort to get out the Arab American count. Join us in making it count!

You can start saying #YallaCountMeIn by downloading the materials provided below and connecting with us on how to get involved in your community. The 2020 Census is less than one year away and we need your support.


Let’s get started.

Download Materials

Educational materials on why the Census is important to our community and how to discuss the 2020 Census.

Get in Contact

We want to support your organization’s local efforts and include you in our state-by-state resources. Contact us to join the national effort.

Amplify our collective reach

Our first campaign push is to get as many Arab Americans as possible to pledge to fill out the Census in 2020. A draft email and social media shareables are in our toolkit. Let’s get out the count - together!



Educational Materials 

Become a Partner 


let’s make it count!

We are excited to partner with various Arab American state based organizations. To become an YallaCountMeIn Census2020 official partner we ask that your organization simply agree to the following:

Official Partners Are Expected To:

  • Take part in ALL days of action or calls to action as they pertain to the 2020 Census

  • Use your social media platforms to share YallaCountMeIn graphics and materials

  • Commit to engaging your local community and hosting YallaCountMeIn workshops

  • Take images that you are willing to provide to the YallaCountMeIn team to share on our social

By Becoming An Official Partner, You Get:

  • To be formally listed on your relevant state sheet for individuals to get plugged your work

  • Prior access to documents and consultation with our YallaCountMeIn staff with the development of materials for the 2020 campaign

  • More access to social media content and resources for your own use

I am authorized to act upon the behalf of:

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