The Census benefits our family and community

“for Generations to come.”

The census benefits our family and community for generations. It determines how Congress divides up over $800 billion in funding and how much and where each seat in the US House of Representatives will be. We deserve to be included in the conversation and equation. Join us in centering and celebrating our community by saying, “Yalla, Count Me In!”


take action

Sign the Pledge

“As an Arab American, I pledge to fill out the census and ensure everyone in my household is counted!”

Our community is depending on you for vital resources, such as federal funding for local and state programs, like public schools. We are depending on you for the critical data that will help us effectively advocate for our community. As Arab Americans, we deserve to be included in the equation. The Census protects personal data and your identity is completely anonymous. Because you, your family, and your community matter, join us in saying, "Yalla Count Me In” by filling out this pledge to fill out the census!



Show Up For Your Community.

Use these resources to get educated on why the census is so important for Arab Americans and gear up for taking important action in your locality. Look out for additional resources on ways you can take action to Get Out the Count with local organizations in your area!